History of ACMT

The History of Alberta College of Massage Therapy

Alberta College of Massage Therapy (ACMT) has a rich and diverse history, dating back to 2001 when everything began!

The very first campus was opened in Grande Prairie with the original name of Prairie Massage Training. This initial campus was opened by the Founding Principal Ed Mooney.

Ed was a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) and to this day ACMT has kept that tradition; all Instructors, Teaching Assistants, Clinic Supervisors and the present Principal are all RMT’s with many years of experience in Practice.

From the original Grande Prairie campus, Ed decided to follow the growing call out for more campus locations within Alberta. He proceeded to open doors in Lloydminster, Edmonton, then Fort McMurray and Calgary over the next few years and changed the name from Prairie Massage Training to Alberta Massage Training.

The 5 campuses of Alberta Massage Training all operated out of higher education centres in each of the different locations. Students would arrive to Keyano College, Lakeland College, Lister Center at the U of A, Learn Rite and St. Marys’ University to attend massage therapy classes over the weekends.

Then in early 2015 Ed decided to retire and pass the business along to new owners. This exchange happened in the Spring of that year and many new changes started happening to Alberta Massage Training.

As Ed stepped out of his Principal, Dawn Sharman stepped into the Principal role. Dawn had been instructing with Alberta Massage Training and was already familiar with the model of curriculum being offered.

Next positive change was the name, Alberta Massage Training was replaced by the new existing name, Alberta College of Massage Therapy which was a more accurate representation of the services provided by administration and instructors.

Over the next two years the campus locations began to move, not out of the 5 cities but into their own ‘home’. Grande Prairie was first, in the Spring of 2016 ACMT students were elated to have their own facility with a class room, student clinic, reception area, kitchen and resource library! Edmonton students were the next to benefit from their own campus in the early Summer of 2016 then Lloydminster in the Fall of 2016. The Red Deer campus opened in January 2017 (ACMT’s sixth campus). 

During the development and opening of ACMT campuses many ‘internal’ improvements were happening simultaneously. From overhauling the curriculum to the Regulated Provinces Standards of Education (Interjurisdictional Practical Competencies and Professional Indicators for Entry-to-Level Massage Therapists), launching an online student resource portal, providing Student ID cards and professional shirts to opening Supervised clinic shifts and offering graduation dinners for an ‘end of the program’ celebration!

Now, in 2018, we are anticipating another brilliant year dedicated to bettering the ACMT students’ experience. We have a new location opening up on Edmonton’s South Side soon, this will be our seventh location! 

Moving forward, we are still dedicated to ACMT’s mission to educate safe, confident, ethical and effective massage therapists.