Here’s what others are saying:

Mentoring another student has really given me the opportunity to challenge myself while also helping somebody else learn the material better. Experts say that teaching somebody else is one of the best ways to learn and I can fully stand behind this theory. Since I have started mentoring, I haven’t only witnessed my Mentee’s grade go up but the material comes a little bit easier to myself as well. Mentoring is such a great opportunity for everybody involved!

Anna S. (Edmonton)

As a former graduate of Alberta Massage Training, I experienced firsthand the quality of the program taught. The principal and the instructors were extremely knowledgeable, approachable and accessible even after class. This was the same of the staff at the administration office. Colleen made sure my forms and books were dispatched on time and there was never a question I had that was not answered or that she did not point me in the right direction. I owed my success to the support I received in this positive learning environment.

Now as an instructor, I have the privilege of working with many budding therapists and sharing my passion of massage. The content of the curriculum is exceptional and is presented in multiple ways to facilitate deep learning. By the fourth weekend of the Spa Massage Practitioner class, students are using anatomy terminology with ease and showing competency in their hands-on skills. If you are contemplating massage as a career option, visit one of our campuses, talk to any instructor or better yet sample a massage from our students, you will not be disappointed!

Janet M. (Calgary)