Why Choose Massage Therapy?

Why Choose Massage Therapy as a career?

Choosing a career path is probably one of the most important and difficult decisions you’ll have to make in your lifetime.  There is something very special about the industry of massage therapy!  When you ask a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) why they chose to become an RMT the simple answer is, because they love massage! They love massage because it works, massage therapy is the most natural and professional health care modality in the world.  Massage therapy moves people on many levels, clients leave your care in a better frame of body and mind.  Massage Therapists are a unique breed,  RMT’s have chosen a career they feel passionate about and are inspired by.  It’s important for you, a potential student, to remember that the choice to pursue massage therapy is a choice to have a unique and rewarding career.  A career that offers a flexible and family friendly lifestyle while being rewarded well for your skills.

Helps People Feel Better. More people have recognized the value of massage therapy as an option for health care as it does provide relaxation but manages pain and treats a wide spectrum of conditions.

Flexible Work Hours. Massage therapy is a family and life style friendly career due to the flexible work schedule, weather you work for a clinic or create your own hours with an independent practice.

ACMT Career Success Rate. ACMT alumni have a 98% success rate of employment up to and beyond 3 years post graduation.

Massage Therapy is not a typical career ladder.  Becoming an RMT is not an end to your career path as a holistic practitioner, rather it is the beginning.  Many graduates of ACMT go on to study and practice in additional modalities such as Manual Osteopathy, Acupuncture and Nutrition, just to name a few.  Over 50% of graduates choose to own and operate their own business which gives them additional freedom and flexibility with scheduling

You’ll wear many hats! The education components at ACMT are varied: clinical practicum, home study and class time.  These 3 educational components are stimulating for student life and can be a challenge at the start.  After graduation; massage therapists also work with many different roles and responsibilities- anything from scheduler, cleaner and purchasing manager to marketing strategist. RMTs need to stay in touch with current small business marketing tactics, industry trends and learn about competitors.

Accept the offer… there are many considerations. New RMTs and those whom have been practicing for many years may struggle to understand what a valuable offer of employment looks like. This can often be due to the following reasons: geographic location, competition and experience level. Practicing in a full-service spa in a metropolitan area will be very different than working for an integrated holistic health clinic or opening an independent practice in a small town.

When making the choice to become an RMT we highly suggest visiting one of the ACMT clinics for a massage.  During that visit, you can ask questions of the student therapist, meet the Supervisor and receive a tour of the campus.

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