Student Dispute Resolution Policy

Dispute Resolution Policy

  1. This policy governs complaints from students respecting Alberta College of Massage Therapy and any aspect of its operations.
  2. A student who makes or is otherwise involved in a complaint will not be subject to any form of retaliation by the institution at any time.
  3. The process by which the student complaint will be handled is as follows:
    • Student complaints must be made in writing within six months of the lastin-person attendance to the program. Faculty will be the first point of contact.
    • If the dispute is unresolved, the written complaint is escalated to the Director of Education/SEA: Janet Mwamburi at who is responsible for making determinations in respect of complaints.
    • If the Director of Education is absent or is named in a complaint, the student must provide the complaint to the following Academic Director: Ashley Taylor at or the Student Services Manager, Lindsay Orchuk at or Attending Staff in place through
  4. The process by which the student complaint will be handled is as follows:
    1. The receipt of the written complaint is acknowledged in writing with 48 hoursof receipt by the faculty involved.
    2. The item/activity/person named in the complaint is investigated byAdministration. Additional information to support or dispute the complaint

      may be requested.

    3. Written reasons for the resolution will be provided to the student within 30days after the date on which the complaint was made and a record stored on the student file indefinitely

               • The written reasons will advise a student, that if the student is dissatisfied with the determination, and has been misled by the institution regarding any significant aspect of that program, the student may file a complaint with Private Career            Colleges Branch.

( Complaints must be filed with PCCB within six months of the date a student completes, is dismissed from, or withdraws from the program.]

5. The student making the complaint may be represented by an agent or a lawyer or anyone else of their choice.