Our Faculty

Calgary Campus

Renee Simons

Renee's interest in human kinetics and functional muscle movement began with Kinesiology studies at Simon Fraser University (SFU). In 2004, she graduated from Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy completing a 3000hr program and is a member of the College of Massage Therapists of BC and the Remedial Massage Therapists of Alberta. Since becoming a Registered Massage Therapist, Renee has focused her post-graduate training and clinical practice around Myofascial Release and Visceral Manipulation techniques and is committed to providing patients with individualized treatments to discover and resolve the underlying reasons why they may have pain and dysfunction in their bodies. Teaching is a way for Renee to pay it forward and share her passion about massage therapy and mentor the next generation of therapists.
Email: simonsr@acmt.ca
Courses: Massage Therapy

Anna Steen

In addition to her role as a campus liaison, Anna is the Special Events & PR Manager for ACMT. Anna is based out of the Calgary Kensington Campus and is in charge of finding fun and educational events/tradeshows/tournaments for students to massage at so they can obtain practicum hours. She also plans open houses for all Campuses and supervises Career days. Anna Loves getting involved with community events and is always looking for events that also give back to the community. If you have an event that you would like to see us at please email her directly! Anna loves getting to know all the students at ACMT and hearing their stories about why they wanted to become RMTs. She also loves seeing them progress with every event they attend and every classroom weekend. Its truly inspiring!
Email: steena@acmt.ca
Courses: Campus Liaison

Lucy Quach

Lucy graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Regina in 2009. After working for several years in marketing and advertising, she experienced the incredible benefits of alternative therapy and decided to ditch the marketing world to become a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner. Lucy's growing interest in anatomy and physiology led her to ACMT where she earned her Massage Therapy diploma. She credits her success to her amazing instructors at the Calgary campus and to the students she now supervises for always keeping her on her toes. When time permits, Lucy enjoys being in nature, watching hockey (Go Habs!), and playing poker.
Email: quachl@acmt.ca
Courses: Spa Massage Practitioner, Teachers Assistant

Ashley Taylor

Ashley graduated from Alberta College of Massage Therapy and subsequently became a teacher’s assistant with the school in September of 2014. Ashley enjoys a busy practice within McKenzie Towne Chiropractic where she has worked since 2013. She is committed to helping her clients to find effective ways to manage persistent pain and work towards their goals in healing. Her focus is in deep tissue massage facilitated by movement. She is passionate about education and is excited to continue to be in the classroom learning alongside the 2nd year students.
Email: zwickera@acmt.ca
Courses: Teachers Assistant

Antonio Montemurro

Antonio is a Registered Massage Therapist who takes great pride in his work and is also educated for reflexology, myofascial cupping Hot stone and Thai massage. Antonio has been practicing massage therapy for 15+ years and has treated many clients in professions such as administrative, medical, labor workers as well as athletes both competitive and recreational. Antonio graduated from the University of Calgary in 2005 and then completed The Alberta Massage Training course in July 2010.
Email: MontemurroA@acmt.ca
Courses: Clinic Supervisor

Michelle Major

Michelle is a Registered Massage Therapist and attended the Alberta College of Massage Therapy in Calgary. In her practice, she focuses on therapeutic (deep tissue), rehabilitation, along with relaxation techniques as she believes the body heals faster when relaxed and rested. She is also certified in reflexology to bring an extra level of expertise to her sessions. Michelle believes that we all play a role in bringing our bodies into a state of well-being. She will release the tension, knots, and muscle stress for her clients as well as educate them on how to maintain and prevent further injury through exercises and stretching.
Email: majorm@acmt.ca
Courses: Clinic Supervisor

Antoinette Newell

Antoinette was born and raised in a small town in Alberta. She attended the University of Alberta and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education. Her love for sport kept her busy as an athletic trainer for various levels of hockey as well she coached basketball, volleyball and track and field. Antoinette graduated from the Alberta College of Massage Therapy with Distinction. Antoinette loves spending time with her family and dogs and believes a healthy lifestyle starts outside. Antoinette spends as much time as possible outside either horseback riding, downhill skiing, kayaking, fishing or hiking, just to name a few favorites. Her favorite indulgence is chocolate ice cream.
Email: NewellA@acmt.ca
Courses: Teachers Assistant

Edmonton Campus

Terri Cuthill

Terri graduated from Alberta Massage Training in 2009 and became a teacher’s assistant in February 2010. She completed an online instructor course in November 2010. To add to her skills, Terri has taken a cranio sacral workshop, a jade stone workshop and standard first aid and level C CPR. Terri is an active member of the Remedial Massage Therapists Association, working out of a clinic in Sherwood Park during the week. Terri enjoys helping others, whether it’s working out a client’s knots or helping a student learn the body.
Email: cuthillt@acmt.ca
Courses: Massage Therapy, Spa Massage Practitioner

Diane Huculak

Diane is an Instructor for the Spa Massage Practitioner Program in Edmonton. As a graduate of the Northern Institute of Massage Therapy, she has practiced in chiropractic and sports clinics, spa settings and currently in a Medical Centre. With the benefit of training from NAIT and online certification courses, she has instructed massage classes since 2002. Interests and further training include: neuromuscular therapy, pre and postnatal massage, cranial-sacral therapy, myofascial release and lymphatic drainage. “The benefit of touch is powerful and amazing! It makes me happy to inspire and encourage students, my future colleagues, to value and develop this healing art. They go on to share their passion, talent, skill and our world just gets better!”
Email: huculakd@acmt.ca
Courses: Spa Massage Practitioner

Taneal White

Taneal graduated with a Bachelor of Physical Education degree from the University of Alberta in 2012; following which, she worked as a kinesiologist for four years in a physiotherapy rehabilitation clinic. Amazed by the effects and potential of soft tissue release techniques to achieve better quality of life, she was encouraged to journey into massage therapy. In 2017, she graduated from ACMT with a diploma in Massage Therapy and has since worked in a therapeutic clinic as a registered massage therapist. Her passion of massage and desire to help others led her to become a teacher’s assistant at ACMT. Taneal also enjoys reading, board games, crocheting and biking.
Email: whitet@acmt.ca
Courses: Teachers Assistant

Ewa Mendez

Ewa supervises Student Clinic and teaches the SMP program in Edmonton. She has been practicing massage therapy since 2012 and she is very passionate about the industry. Ewa’s certifications include Reflexology, Hot Stones, Shiatsu, Waslawski technique and Myofascial Cupping. As a practitioner she believes in continuous learning about human body, strong communication with clients and utilizing available resources to reach treatment goals. Ewa feels privileged to have the opportunity to contribute to the education of new RMTs.
Email: mendeze@acmt.ca
Courses: Spa Massage Practitioner, Clinic Supervisor

Amanda Thomas

Amanda began her career in 2011 and began teaching with ACMT in 2016. Fascinated by the human body, she is pursuing the field of Manual Osteopathy to add to her Massage Therapy practice. In addition to instructing the Spa Massage Practitioner and Massage Therapy programs, Amanda is a clinic supervisor and the External Practicum Officer. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, being outside, and crafting.
Email: thomasa@acmt.ca
Courses: Massage Therapy, Spa Massage Practitioner, Teachers Assistant, Clinic Supervisor

Robert Johnston

Rob graduated with Honours with Distinction from the ACMT program in June of 2018. He is currently working at ACMT developing curriculum and assisting with teaching for both SMP and MT classes at the Edmonton Campus. He is also an RMT working at a prestigious clinic in Sherwood Park.
Email: JohnstonR@acmt.ca
Courses: Teachers Assistant

Brittany Barnes

Brittany earned her Massage Therapy diploma in Newfoundland and now calls Fort McMurray her home. She is thrilled to have a career that allows her to help others. (Spoiler alert: it never gets old!) To provide the best treatments she can for her clients she is always seeking out new learning opportunities. Some of the additional courses she has completed include cupping, yoga, pregnancy, deep tissue and Thai-sport massage. In 2017 she also became a sport trainer. When not engulfed in all things massage, she is a hip-hop head who enjoys volunteering, browsing memes the gym and travelling. The future is bright for the Massage Therapy profession in Alberta. Her goal within ACMT is for each student to leave feeling confident in their skills and equipped to take care of themselves along their journey. It was way back during her own schooling that she fell in love with body work and she hopes to ignite that same passion in students. She is honoured to play a small role as they embark on what she believes is simply the best career ever - Massage Therapy.
Email: BarnesB@acmt.ca
Courses: Clinic Supervisor

Diana Beaumont

Diana Beaumont graduated from ACMT in June 2014. As an alumni she knows exactly how the students feel going through the process of working hard for their certifications. Diana worked as an RMT part-time with her own practice after graduation up until October of this year. Diana opened a clinic on the south side and recently got married. She has a beautiful 19 year old daughter. Diana is one of the south side clinic supervisors and enjoys every minute spent with the students. She sees how much they improve with every hour of practical and loves showing them different ways to work the body to better the client's experience.
Email: HansenD@acmt.ca
Courses: Clinic Supervisor

Carla Kolton

Carla followed her dreams and graduated from both ACMT and MOCC and became a first year Teaching Assistant May 2020. Carla enjoys a successful practice at Unpain Clinic in Edmonton as well as her home based business Tensegrity Therapeutics. Carla takes great pride in helping her clients recover from pain so they can get in with their daily living. She thrives on continuous education and is thoroughly excited to be helping first year students.
Email: KoltonC@acmt.ca
Courses: Teachers Assistant

Erin Garossino

Erin is an ACMT alumna who graduated from the program with Honors with Distinction. She works part time for herself as an RMT, in addition to her corporate job as a financial analyst. She enjoys working with students in clinic and helping them grow as practitioners. Supervising clinic is easily one of her favorite parts of the week. She believes that wellness is not a one size fits all and holds certifications in Personal Training, Therapeutic Cupping, Reiki & Meditation Coach. She is currently developing a workshop for fellow RMT’s & Wellness practitioners alike on how to understand the business side of becoming an RMT called The Business of Wellness.
Email: GarossinoE@acmt.ca
Courses: Clinic Supervisor

Mitchell Anderson

After spending most of his career working in warehouses and industrial service shops, Mitch had accumulated his fair share of over-use injuries. A sad reality of labour-intensive industries is when someone gets injured, they are told to "walk it off" and "don't complain, everyone's back hurts". Determined to break from this toxic culture, he enrolled in ACMT in 2017 and graduated honours with distinction in 2019. His goal was to give people afflicted with these injuries a higher quality of life through treatment, education, and most importantly, empathy. He does this by operating a practice adjacent to the industrial complex where he used to work. Mitch fell in love with the high energy atmosphere of the classroom, and jumped at the opportunity to inspire other like minded individuals looking to make the leap to Massage Therapy.
Email: AndersonM@acmt.ca
Courses: Teachers Assistant, Student Support

Anna Nefedova

Anna has been studying Biology, Biochemistry and Physiology all her life. She did her Masters at Odessa State University (USSR). Over decades Anna practiced Personal Training and Nutritional Coaching, but was inclined to treat and rebalance human bodies. This led to Massage Therapy and its modalities, and later to Manual Osteopathy. Anna graduated ACMT in 2018 with Honors with Distinction at Fort McMurray campus and enjoys teaching students at the College Clinic part-time. She works with clinical cases and athletes in her RMT practice. She considers her work as a pleasure and spends her free time learning more! Aside from that, Anna loves her dogs, sports, the outdoors, books, and photography.
Email: NefedovaA@acmt.ca
Courses: Clinic Supervisor

Fort McMurray Campus

KayLeigh Farrell

Kayleigh graduated from Northumberland College in Halifax Nova Scotia in 2008. After successful completion of CMTO board exams Kayleigh began a practice focused on complex rehabilitative care. Kayleigh is immensely passionate about educating but also puts great importance on her own continued growth as a professional. She has received additional training in myofascial release, deep tissue massage, sport massage therapy, post surgical care and most recently holistic nutrition.
Email: kfarrell@acmt.ca
Courses: Massage Therapy, Spa Massage Practitioner

Debbie Bodoano

Debbie graduated from the 2200 hour program and is fully certified to provide Swedish, Therapeutic, Hot Stone Massage and Reiki Energy Bodywork. She has been providing Massage Therapy Services since 2009. Currently completing training in Aromatherapy Essential Oils Certification and Shamanic Healing, Debbie continues to broaden her scope of practice. In May of 2017 she will certified in Soft cupping therapies. She is committed to providing services that help people relax mind, body and spirit, provide relief from the pain of injuries and stress, and encourage good overall health and wellness. Debbie teaches the Spa Massage Program and Massage Therapy Program at the Fort McMurray campus.
"I feel a profound gratitude to be in this profession and to practice massage therapy. I am truly blessed to be in a career where I can integrate what I do, with who I am, what I feel and where I want to be in life; whole, happy and in harmony with my beliefs."
Email: dbodoano@acmt.ca
Courses: Massage Therapy, Spa Massage Practitioner

Ayla Moores

Ayla is currently a Massage Therapist practising in Fort McMurray. She completed a 3 year massage therapy program at Georgian College in Barrie Ontario. She went on to successfully pass her provincial Examinations to become an RMT under the CMTO. Ayla has almost 5 years of experience and is very much passionate about helping others to become their best.
Email: mooresa@acmt.ca
Courses: Massage Therapy, Spa Massage Practitioner

Sarah Hennessey

Sarah is from Newfoundland but is loving life in Alberta. Her inspiration to become a massage therapist came from many injuries and massage sessions. She really enjoys being able to helping others. Sarah graduated in 2011 from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy campus in Halifax. From there she completed the CMTNL certification examinations. For the past 6 years Sarah has been working in Northern Alberta and loving it! She finds great passion in client care and rehabilitation of all forms. She always practices with an open mind and understand that every treatment could be different from the last. She has completed many continuing education courses over the years, some of her favorites would include working with fascia and prenatal! When Sarah isn’t working you can find her with her family!
Email: HennesseyS@acmt.ca
Courses: Teachers Assistant

Nisha Mills

In 2004, Nisha graduated from College of the North Atlantic's Physiotherapy Assistant Program. For the next 10 years, she worked in a variety of rehab settings, including pediatrics and stroke rehab. After having children, Nisha realized that massage therapy would be a great way for her to continue helping people in physical rehabilitation while having more time to spend with her family. In 2019, she graduated from Alberta College of Massage Therapy with Distinction, and began instructing in 2020. Nisha loves spending time with her family, either hiking, camping, swimming, cycling, or snowmobiling.
Email: MillsN@acmt.ca
Courses: Spa Massage Practitioner

Zeta Tulk

Zeta is originally from Newfoundland and has called Fort McMurray home for the last 14 years. Previously working in the oilsands industry and suffering from burnout she decided she needed to make a drastic change. This was when she discovered ACMT's unique program. She jumped in immediately and graduated in 2019 honours and a 2 week old baby! She has received additional training in cupping and hotstones and currently works at a home based practice. She has a passion for helping her clients and wants to offer very holistic care. While she is currently enrolled in a nutrition program she is hoping to enroll in the Manuel Osteopathic Therapy Program through MOCC in the future.
Email: TulkZ@acmt.ca
Courses: Clinic Supervisor

Grande Prairie Campus

Alyssa Hendry

Alyssa Hendry, RMT studied at the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in Cambridge Ontario. She graduated and began her career in 2013, working in multi-disciplinary clinics alongside Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Naturopaths and Reflexologists. Alyssa has certification in relaxation and therapeutic Hot Stone Therapy, as well as Respiratory conditions and Rib Mobilizations. She has also taken many courses in regards to self employment. Alyssa moved to Grande Prairie in late 2015 where she began massaging in a Spa before starting her family in Late November 2016.Alyssa Hendry, RMT will begin her career at the Grande Prairie Campus of the ACMT in April 2017 as Lead Instructor for the 2nd year Massage Therapy Diploma Program.
Email: ahendry@acmt.ca
Courses: Massage Therapy

Nikki Surka

Nikki graduated from AMT in 2012. She worked in a busy clinic in Grande Prairie during her training and for a couple years after, before starting her own successful home based business, The Art of Healing. Her modalities include Swedish Relaxation, Deep Tussue Theraputic Massage, Prenatal massage, Myofascial Release, Myofascial Cupping and Jade Stone Massage.
Email: nsurka@acmt.ca
Courses: Spa Massage Practitioner, Teachers Assistant, Clinic Supervisor

Casey Russell

Casey completed her therapeutic massage training at the Alberta Institute of Massage Therapy in February, 2003. After graduating she went on to take the doula training and infant massage program in Calgary. Since then she has owned and operated Kneaded or Knot Massage Therapy in the Grande Prairie area. She looks forward to many years of teaching and helping to shape the future of Massage Therapy.
Email: russellc@acmt.ca
Courses: Massage Therapy, Teachers Assistant

Barbara Lowe

Barb graduated from AMT in 2013 and has been employed with ACMT since 2015 in various positions. She is the local owner and operator of BALY Therapeutic Massage in Grande Prairie since May 2018. Barb is a proud mother of 4 and grandmother of 2.
Email: Loweb@acmt.ca
Courses: Spa Massage Practitioner

Tonya Dueck

Tonya Dueck, RMT studied and completed her 2200 hour Massage Therapy training in Edmonton, AB at MH VICARS School of Massage. She started her massage career in 2014, while also starting her practice in a busy clinic while finishing her second year of school. She has worked along side physiotherapists, chiropractors, psychologists, reflexologists, and family and child Counselors. Tonya is certified to practice myofascial and fire cupping, as well as specialized in working with elite athletes and sports massage therapy.
Email: DueckT@acmt.ca
Courses: Teachers Assistant, Clinic Supervisor

Kristie Moore

Kristie grew up in the Peace Country area and has lived most of her life there. She now lives near the town of Sexsmith with her 3 boys and husband. She loves to camp and enjoys the outdoors. Kristie became a massage therapist after years of being an athlete. She was always amazed by the impact RMTs could have on the body and wanted to learn more.
Email: MooreK@acmt.ca
Courses: Student Support

Lloydminster Campus

Pam Walker

Pamela received a diploma in business administration and is a certified Educational Assistant. She took massage therapy training through Lakeland College in 2010. Since then Pamela has been working full time in a spa, and recently made the change to work from home. Pamela started assistant teaching with Alberta Massage Training in September 2014. She loves helping people to feel better and live healthier lives. Pamela looks forward to continuing learning new things and passing that knowledge on to others. Pam is a substitute Teaching Assistant and Clinic Supervisor.
Email: pwalker@acmt.ca
Courses: Massage Therapy, Spa Massage Practitioner, Clinic Supervisor

Erin Walker

Erin has been a Massage Therapist since 2000. She graduated from Northern Institute of Massage and currently works from her home. Erin was the head of the Massage Therapy Department at Lakeland College for 2 years and has been teaching with Alberta College of Massage Therapy since 2012. Erin has pursued other modalities as well, including: Jade Stone Massage, Level 1 and 2 Thai Massage, Traditional and Thai Foot Reflexology, Raindrop Therapy, Myofascial Cupping, Pregnancy and Infant Massage, and Doula Training. Erin enjoys working with students and watching them learn and become confident to begin their own careers in the natural health field.
Email: ewalker@acmt.ca
Courses: Massage Therapy

Kelly McGilvery

Kelly graduated from Alberta massage training in 2013 at the Lloydminster campus. She started her career at a spa in downtown Maidstone Sk. Kelly then continued her massage career from her home in the evenings after her full time day job. After a year of building up her clients she opened her own business in Maidstone. Kelly now has a full clientele and is passionate about her career along with growing her knowledge in the field . She has continued her education and strengthened her practice in structural assessment and alignment , reflexology as well as myofacial cupping.
As a first year TA of the Swedish massage program kelly enjoys to teach with hands on experience as well as teaching about anatomy and techniques of massage.
Email: kmcgilvery@acmt.ca
Courses: Spa Massage Practitioner, Teachers Assistant

Shauna Remple

Shauna Rempel has been teaching Massage Therapy for Alberta College of Massage Therapy for the past 9 years. She really enjoys watching students learn, grow and succeed. Shauna Graduated from The Northern institute of Massage and became a Registered Massage therapist in 1997. Since then she has worked out of her home as well as in a clinical setting and enjoys aspects of both. Shauna also has a Medical Office Assistant degree as well as many Massage related courses including myo-fascial release, therapeutic ball release, spinal touch, management of soft tissues of spine and lower extremities, neuromuscular therapy-advanced clinical massage. Shauna believes in the benefits of massage therapy, in natural health and healing the body as a whole.
Email: srempel@acmt.ca
Courses: Spa Massage Practitioner

Katherine DuBeau

Katherine is a Clinic Supervisor at the Lloydminster campus. She graduated from Alberta College of Massage Therapy, and officially became an RMT in 2013. Since which time she has completed courses in Myofascial Cupping, Onsen level 1 and 2, Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage, and First and Second degree Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Ryoho. She has her practice set up out of her home, but has also worked in spa and clinic settings. Katherine also has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Alberta with a double major in Human Ecology and Marketing. She is very passionate about massage therapy and the positive effects on the body. She loves learning new modalities and growing as a therapist.
Email: kdubeau@acmt.ca
Courses: Clinic Supervisor

Michelle Spornitz

Michelle graduated from MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy in 2003. She worked in Marwayne, Alberta for 3 years and then took time off to have 2 children. In March 2011, she started massaging at Better Your Body Therapy in Lloydminster, until June 2014. In July, 2014, she ventured out on my own and opened Healing Hands Massage & Reflexology and has been there ever since. Being a massage therapist has given her the flexibility to work around very busy kids' schedules. She has loved every minute of being able to help people to feel better and help in the process of their healing.
Email: flewellm@acmt.ca
Courses: Teachers Assistant, Clinic Supervisor

Tammy Letendre

Tammy is an ACMT Alumni, graduating from the Lloydminster campus. She is currently enrolled with the Manual Osteopathic College of Canada, and will complete in March 2020. And is working as a massage therapist at Alta- Sask Wellness, Lloydminster location, in the Servus Sports Center. Teaching isn't new to Tammy, as she taught swimming lessons for 17 years in Lloydminster, Vermilion, Saskatoon and Penticton. She loves helping others, be it her clients or students to succeed.
Email: letendret@acmt.ca
Courses: Teachers Assistant, Clinic Supervisor

Red Deer Campus

Barry Hannah

Barry is a graduate from Okanagan valley college of massage therapy in 2001. Since graduation he has worked athletes in different sports to help peak performance as well as rehabilitation of injuries. Barry has lived in Alberta for over 10 years and has a passion for helping people to lead healthier lives.
Email: bhannah@acmt.ca
Courses: Massage Therapy, Spa Massage Practitioner

Keenan Hollingsworth

Keenan is an RMT originally from Ontario. He moved to Red Deer January 2018 with his fiance, where he currently practices out of Collegiate Sports Medicine, and was lucky enough to be welcomed onto the ACMT team! He is also coaching the Red Deer Special Olympics Powerlifting team. Keenan spent his time as an RMT in multidisciplinary clinics working primarily with patients with orthopedic injuries, MVAs, and other pain problems. Prior to becoming an RMT, he worked as a Personal Trainer and Strength & Conditioning coach, specializing in post-rehab work. His biggest interests clinically are persistent pain, the science behind pain and rehabilitation, neurophysiology, and the biopsychosocial model. He is currently working on a degree in Human Sciences, with the intention of going into Physiotherapy. Keenan is very passionate about continued learning, He is very curious by nature, and looks forward to sharing that with the students of ACMT!
Email: hollingsworthk@acmt.ca
Courses: Teachers Assistant

Kara Idland

Kara started her Massage Therapy career right out of High School and absolutely fell in love. She excelled in the classroom and is now thrilled to be able to share her passion with students. In her free time she likes to go to the gym, snowboard and travel.
Email: idlandk@acmt.ca
Courses: Teachers Assistant, Clinic Supervisor

Ashley Sparks

Ashley graduated from the Massage Therapy program at Lethbridge College in 2015. She immediately felt passion for the industry. She has continued her education ever since and has received certification in myofascial cupping, deep tissue hot stone, and fascial adhesion release technique. Ashley is very excited and humbled to be part of the ACMT team, as educating has been a long term goal of hers since she was a student.
Email: sparksA@acmt.ca
Courses: Teachers Assistant, Clinic Supervisor

Cassandra Dye

Cassandra started her massage career right after high school, she graduated from the Alberta Institute Of Massage in Red Deer in 2011. She began working at a spa before wanting to expand her knowledge base into deep tissue and therapeutic massage, later she worked with different acupuncturists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists in both Red Deer and Calgary before settling down again in Red Deer owning her own business within a yoga studio and also casually at a chiropractic clinic. Working around two massage jobs she is also currently teaching the Second Year Massage Therapy program at The Alberta College Of Massage Therapy in Red Deer as of 2017.
Email: DyeC@acmt.ca
Courses: Massage Therapy

Courtney Troniak

Courtney has been an RMT for five years. She has always been interested in anatomy and sport therapy because her mom was also a therapist for 20+ years. She has a small business she runs out of her house. Courtney holds degrees in both History and English as well as a masters in Education. Courtney teaches part time at an outreach high school and spends her spare time gardening. In the winter months, she reads and sews a lot. She has two cats and is an auntie to 8 humans.
Email: TroniakC@acmt.ca
Courses: Spa Massage Practitioner